Aaron and Robert almost kiss on Valentine’s Day in Emmerdale twist!

Aaron almost kisses Robert as the exes shared a loaded moment on Valentine's Day

Exes Aaron and Robert find themselves getting closer than ever on Valentine’s Day. Aaron cooks a meal for Alex but when Robert shows up as he’s preparing his boyfriend’s dinner, the exes share a loaded moment and almost kiss!

Suspicious Harriet pushes Laurel to open up about why she’s being so weird around Bob. Guilt-ridden Laurel ends up confessing to their betrayal. Harriet then urges Bob to come clean to Brenda about his night of passion with their friend and neighbour Laurel. Thing is, Bob and Laurel now like each other. A lot.

Cain’s fuming with drug dealer Simon and decides to take action. Sandy’s offered a ticket out of the village, and Liv tries to play Cupid for Gabby who has a crush on Jacob.