Aaron presses the self-destruct button as Robert supports Rebecca

Jealous Aaron ends up in a dark place when Robert attends a first scan with his pregnant ex-lover Rebecca in Emmerdale.

Robron are at it again in Emmerdale this week, as the fiery couple have yet another row! This time it’s about money – and things between them are about to get worse when Rebecca is sucked into the mix…

When the lads find Rebecca, who’s pregnant, standing at the side of the road next to her car, which has broken down, mechanic Aaron insists he’ll fix it while Robert accompanies Rebecca to hospital for her first scan. It’s a kind gesture on Aaron’s part, but inside he’s hurting over his partner’s connection to his ex who’s carrying his baby.

At hospital, Robert, who’s maintained he wants nothing to do with Rebecca or his love child, starts to get swept away with emotion at the sight of the baby, who they learn is a boy.

Jealous Aaron, meanwhile, is slipping down a very dark hole. Home alone, he contacts dodgy Ethan, wanting ‘Spice’, then takes to cutting himself again…