Aaron threatens to kill Robert when his ex's evil actions land Liv in hospital on the critical list


Robert’s in the firing line of a very, very angry Aaron whose sister is now in hospital because of him. It comes after Liv, who’s returned to Emmerdale after a stint away, heads to Home Farm to confront Robert about getting Rebecca pregnant and breaking Aaron’s heart. The row escalates and sees the furious teen nick off in his car and drink the brandy that Robert has been lacing to drug its owner Lawrence White! When unconscious Liv is then rushed to hospital, Robert tells the medics about the drugs, and when Aaron turns up he soon works out what’s been going on. Furious with his scheming ex, he vows to kill Robert if Liv doesn’t pull through.

Later, back at Home Farm, Robert knows he needs to up the ante if he’s to pull off his coup and steal the estate from the Whites. With nothing left to lose, he cosies up to Lawrence, who’s received a letter from Ronnie. As Robert pretends to be a like-minded man in a like-minded situation, will Lawrence fall for it? And what will ruthless Robert do next?