Adam is arrested in relation to Emma's murder, and Rebecca's waters break while Aaron is trying to fix her car. It's a mega week in Emmerdale, with ALL SORTS going on!


As the finger of suspicion over Emma’s murder is jabbed in all directions, the Barton siblings turn on each other – but Adam is the one who’s arrested for the crime. But did he do it?

Aaron finds himself in a totally awkward situation when his ex’s baby-mother Rebecca, who he loathes, goes into labour in the middle of nowhere while he’s trying to fix her broken down car…

Pollard gets sucked into a whole heap of trouble after a round of golf with a supposed ‘old mate’ from his days on the council.

At Home Farm, ‘indispensable’ Robert leaves the sucked-in Whites worried when he tells them he’s been offered a job away from the village.