Will Ashley expose Emma’s killer crime at James’s funeral?

With witness Ashley having flashbacks about Emma's killer crime, she loses it at James's funeral, worried her deadly deed is about to be exposed…

When Emma’s raging jealousy over James’s betrayal boiled over, her crazed revenge plan ended in her making herself a murderess in Emmerdale and causing heartache for many…

Having been held hostage at home by Emma, James’s bid for freedom led to his death when his unhinged fiancee shoved him off a footbridge, causing him to fall into traffic on the busy road below!

His body crashed through the windscreen of Ashley’s car. As the stunned vicar, who survived virtually unscathed, took in the scene, he clocked Emma, wearing a wedding dress, standing on the bridge, looking horrified. But, with Ashley having vascular dementia, his recollection of the awful event is patchy, at best. Though James pulled through initially, he later died in hospital.

With the funeral looming, Emma’s playing the grieving widow while trying to conceal her stress about her killer crime which could death and large-scale devastation. When Ashley starts having flashbacks about the dreadful day, the panicked nurse goes all out to shut him down.

After playing mind games with mentally-ill Ashley, Emma is at breaking point as the funeral takes place. Has she done enough to muddy Ashley’s memory and keep him quiet?