Ashley goes walkabout as Laurel struggles to cope

At Mulberry, it's getting increasingly difficult for Laurel to juggle all the balls: earning a living, keeping the house, raising the kids and looking after husband Ashley who has dementia

Laurel Thomas has done her best in Emmerdale. She’s tried to do it all. But looking after the children and the family home and earning a living is one thing, but caring for her husband Ashley, who has dementia, on top of that is another.

The struggling mum is about to come unstuck when Ashley’s carer calls in sick while she’s out. With teenager Gabby at home minding Dotty, the poor girl is soon having to look after her poorly dad, too. The situation spirals out of control as young Gabby, understandably, fails to cope with it all, leaving Laurel forced to make a decision about what’s best for Ashley and the family.