Belle’s lie is exposed and she goes missing from Emmerdale!

There's a shocked silence in Emmerdale's Woolpack when Bailey's wife Angie tells everyone that Belle's pregnancy is all in her head… And it's followed by Dingle family fear when Belle disappears!

Belle’s mental health has been fragile since she accidentally killed her friend, Gemma Andrews.

That led to Belle hearing voices and she was sectioned.

She had been doing better, though – until she met married doctor Jermaine Bailey.

When his wife, Angie, found out about their affair, Jermaine wanted to dump Belle and run.

Desperate to keep him with her in Emmerdale, Belle lied and told him she’s carrying his baby.

In a heartbreaking twist, Belle started talking to the imaginary “Ellie”, who has encouraging Belle to continue lying to Jermaine and her family.

Then Angie turned up to talk divorce with Jermaine – and she heard Belle in the pub’s toilets, talking to herself about her fake pregnancy…