Is Brenda about to rumble Bob and Laurel’s affair in Emmerdale and can Paddy persuade Chas to keep their baby?

Bob and Laurel can't resist each other but will Brenda catch them out? Plus Paddy is devastated when Chas reveals she wants an abortion

There’s mayhem in the Dales when Jimmy accidentally ploughs into Laurel in his car and sends her flying into the road.

When Bob hears the news he’s utterly distraught and races to Laurel’s cottage thinking she could be dead!

When he finds her alive and well, he can’t contain his emotions or relief and the pair are soon kissing passionately, just as Brenda is making her way over to Mulberry. Is Brenda about to catch  her cheating fiance in Laurel’s arms?

Meanwhile Paddy and Chas have an emotional heart-to-heart when Paddy reveals he knows she’s pregnant with his child. An upset Chas feels sure it’s best if she has a termination leaving Paddy secretly shattered. Can he persuade Chas to change her mind?

Plus Jai is concerned when he discovers his daughter Eliza has bruises after being left in Priya’s care. Will he confront his sister? And there are red faces all round when Faith and Pollard sneak into Butlers and walk in on Cain and Moira getting passionate!