Double and triple cross! Frank confronts Megan…

Frank confronts Megan about the timeshare, and she finds out about his secret wedding plans! Is the revenge plan to ruin Frank, which Megan's concocted with Charity, about to collapse like a house of cards?

While Frank is scurrying about secretly planning a wedding, his oblivious bride-to-be Megan is plotting to ruin him! Having found out he slept with Charity, Megan has pretended to have forgiven and forgotten his betrayal but she hasn’t. At all. In fact, she’s still so furious she’s now in cahoots with Frank’s former fling Charity, planning to ruin him!

Charity, however, realises Megan’s resolve is wavering and sets out to make sure she remembers what ladies-man Frank is really like… While Frank busies himself with wedding plans, he’s taken aback when Rishi tells him the Spanish timeshare company that he’s investing in has gone bust.

Megan panics when Frank confronts her about the business opportunity, which now looks dead in the water, leaving the entrepreneur having to think fast to stop him pulling out. Meanwhile, Frank decides to investigate and, after rifling through Megan’s phone, pulls up a number expecting to speak to Megan’s Spanish solicitor. When Charity answers, can she cover before Frank susses?

As chaos ensues, will Frank find out about Megan’s betrayal and put a stop to the investment – and the wedding? Will Charity be forced to step up to make the plan happen – or are the frenemies about to tested? Can the duo con a conman?