Charity Dingle goes back in time in a special flashback episode of Emmerdale…

A flashback episode relives Charity Dingle's traumatic teenage past

Charity Dingle’s pushed over the edge when Vanessa overhears Harriet asking questions about her dead son. As Vanessa and Harriet team up to try to find out more about the baby boy who died all those years ago, Charity (Emma Atkins) goes on a journey of her own during a flashback episode which opens the lid on her abused past.

In the wake of the shooting, Cain wants answers from Joe. It’s Graham who fills him in, which results in Cain then wanting a word with Ross…

Brenda makes waves for Bob and Laurel as the split gets messy.

The cat’s out of the bag for Dan and Daz when Amelia finds out the secret that her dads have been trying to hide.