Heartbreak ahead for Paddy Kirk as Chas Dingle reveals their unborn baby will not survive…

Chas Dingle tells Paddy Kirk their unborn child has bilateral renal agenesis and will not survive

Paddy and Marlon are all set to host a baby shower for Chas. But the vet’s excitement and joy vanishes when Chas finally tells her fiance that their unborn child has been diagnosed with bilateral renal agenesis and will not be able to survive outside the womb.

The plot thickens for Dan and Kerry as the investigation into Amelia’s disappearance continues. After Daz is taken in for further questioning as the case takes a turn, Dan and Kerry are later asked to make a televised appeal for information.

Debbie has the week from hell as Joe dumps her, and Sarah is rushed into hospital after being questioned by police for joyriding with Noah Tate and co.

Laurel is stunned when her mild-mannered dad Doug is taken away by the police for vandalising a cop car. Brenda tries to get her own back on Laurel and Bob.