A desperate Moira turns to Ross – and car theft!

Moira's furious when a business deal falls through and decides to take revenge – by stealing his car

An upset Moira is desperate to cling on to Butler’s farm in Emmerdale, especially as it’s where she feels closest to her beloved Holly, who passed away from a drugs overdose.

However, coming up, the grieving mum  gets a shock when she discovers her bad boy nephew Ross has been hiding a stolen car in one of her barns.

Moira angrily confronts him, but she’s got other business to deal with first  when she tries to close a lucrative deal with smarmy businessman Patrick. If the deal works out she’ll have enough cash to help her keep the farm.

Sadly her meeting with Patrick doesn’t go as planned and Moira’s  fuming when the smug client pulls out at the last minute and patronises her with his condescending attitude. So Moira decides to get her own back…