As the list of suspects increases, who is guilty of the crime?

The mystery of who killed Emma Barton  ramps up a gear as more suspects enter the frame. Did she just jump? Was it suicide? The police don’t think so and nor do forensics!

The investigation is about to hit more twists and turns as Emmerdale folk are put under the spot-light?

Why did Adam Barton have to change his tyres? Why did Gabby Thomas say she had to  charge her phone but return with hands like blocks of ice and why does she later buy roses and write a suspicious note?

Why has Laurel lied about her whereabouts? She said she was visiting her sister at the time of Emma’s death but a train ticket tells a different story!

Could Ross, who is more than capable of murder and who was seen leaving the scene, have finished off the mother he loathed?

As the net closes in, who is lying, who is hiding incriminating evidence and who DID kill Emma?