Emma Barton’s murderer REVEALED in flashbacks as her funeral takes place!

As Emma Barton's funeral takes place a series of flashbacks reveal who murdered the killer nurse

A loaded week in Emmerdale sees stress levels sky rocket as Emma Barton’s funeral takes place. And finally, Emma’s killer is revealed as a series of flashbacks expose who bumped off the nurse!

As the episodes roll out, suspect Adam has wife Victoria concerned when she catches him skulking about and making an anonymous call to the police about the murder investigation…

In the same vein, Laurel, who is also a suspect, fancies calling the cops when her kids find a tyre buried in some woodland. Is it vital evidence for the case? Later, the single mum is taken in for another round of questioning about Emma’s murder.

Elsewhere, sleep-deprived Moira resorts to desperate measures for some kip, the Dingles battle with the developers, and Nicola worries about her sister Bernice.