Emma finds out about Adam and Vanessa’s kiss! Will she tell Victoria?

Emma learns Adam and Victoria kissed. Will the scheming mum use it to get one up on Moira, and tell her daughter-in-law Victoria her husband is a cheat?

As the Bartons’ marriage troubles over parenthood continue in Emmerdale, Adam hits a new low. He’s had to reveal he has criminal record at an adoption open day and, now, he thinks he’s ruined his broody wife’s chances of adopting, on top of him being unable to get his wife pregnant naturally.

When Adam snaps at Emma, Ross lamps him. But Emma soon has some ammunition of her own when she overhears Moira mention to Vanessa that she knows she and Adam shared an illicit kiss! What will Emma do with the incriminating information? Has she got just what she needs to hurt her enemy Moira? Will she tell Moira’s daughter-in-law Victoria?