Is Emmerdale’s Emma’s killer crime about to be exposed?

Incriminating footage linked to Emma's killer crime, which saw her push James Barton to his death, is exposed while the dodgy Barton mum also gets caught up in cattle rustling.

So far, no one in Emmerdale village knows it was Emma who pushed James Barton off a footbridge on the busy road below. The crime took place last year and was witnessed solely by dementia-stricken vicar Ashley.

After Emma successfully messed with Ashley’s memory of the event, she had a further stroke of ‘luck’ recently when the vicar passed away. While she thinks Ashley has taken her killer secret to his grave, incriminating footage is about to come to light at Mulberry Cottage, but will anyone see it? Is her murderous crime about to be revealed?

Emma’s in trouble elsewhere, too. At Butlers Farm, Moira’s cattle are being stolen. After the farmer goes on patrol, circumstance leads her to discover her own family are robbing her blind! As Moira tries to cut a deal with Ross and co, will Emma fight back?