Jailed Aaron turns to drugs!

Aaron Dingle starts taking drugs in a bid to ease the pain and torment he's being subjected to in prison. His sister Liv realises something isn't right and warns Aaron not to jeopardise his appeal.

In prison, Aaron Dingle is having a terrible, terrible time. He’s been beaten black and blue and has become a target for prison bully Jason, who’s found out Aaron is gay and the son of a paedophile. When his cellmate Ethan offers him a joint to ease his pain, Aaron refuses. But, later, after another beating from Jason and co, Aaron caves and decides smoking ‘Spice’ is a good idea.

But, to get a hit, Aaron has to approach Jason. Is Aaron getting himself into even more trouble? When his half-sister Liv later pays a visit, she soon realises Aaron is behaving strangely and confronts him. Will she suss that he’s high?