Charity Dingle has a cunning plan to snare Cain

Charity Dingle has happily helped steer Cain and Moira's marriage on to the rocks in Emmerdale – and now she's waiting with a lifebelt for Cain, in the shape of her bed! So far, it hasn't worked, but she has a wicked plan to lead him astray…

Charity hasn’t even tried to hide her delight at the collapse of Cain and Moira’s marriage in Emmerdale – and is even proud of her part in it.

But Cain hasn’t given up on Moira.

Frustrated by this, Charity decides she needs to up her game and plans a Charity and Cain special – one of their Bonnie and Clyde-style con jobs that fleeces some poor fool.

Cain’s not keen at first but, soon, it looks like Charity could get him right where she wants him!