Rakesh says he will sleep with Chrissie… for money

Rakesh Kotecha has been making pact after pact with she-devil Chrissie White, but he's no closer to solving his massive money problems. Then he thinks sleeping with Chrissie will pay off big time…

Wow! There are crooked lawyers and there is Rakesh, who is more bent than a corkscrew.

It looks like he has met his match in Chrissie, though.

She knows he torched The Mill for the insurance money. He knows it was Lachlan who shot Lawrence and that she framed Andy.

Chrissie has said she will buy his silence by purchasing The Mill and solving all his money worries.

But then she changes her mind.

And then Priya and Rishi notice £20,000 is missing from the factory accounts – the £20,000 Rakesh stole to give James and Moira back their deposit for the flat he burned down.

Now he is doubly desperate…