The truth! Emma Barton’s killer is finally revealed

The wait is almost over

Emmerdale viewers will soon know who killed Emma Barton, with a special week of flashback episodes planned to unmask the guilty person.

The flashbacks will kick off as Emma’s funeral gets underway and, although viewers will finally find out who did it, there’s nothing to say that person won’t get away with it.

After all, nothing is ever straightforward in the Dales…

Ross, Moira and Adam are firmly in the frame right now after the murky events on the viaduct and things are starting to take their toll.

Although Adam will attempt to patch things up with Pete and Ross, Victoria later catches him making a call to the police – accusing Ross of murdering Emma. But is he telling the truth?

Elsewhere, Moira is struggling to cope and will be seen contacting Holly’s drug dealer. Whether or not she goes through with it remains to be seen…

Meanwhile Laurel is hauled in for questioning over Emma’s death and, after being seen by Gabby begging Ashley for forgiveness, it seems she’s definitely got something to hide.

So who will the blame fall to and, more importantly, will they manage to cover up their crime?

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