Teenage kicks! Emmerdale’s Gabby rebels as her dad’s illness worsens

Laurel struggles with her stepdaughter Gabby who's upset about her dad Ashley and his worsening dementia. She bunks off school, gets drunk and takes a boy upstairs to the bedroom at Mulberry.

Laurel and Arthur visit Ashley in the care home. But he shows little interest in his family and, instead, is more concerned about sneaking sandwiches away for his new friend Maggie. It’s hard for Laurel to watch her husband, who has dementia, ebb away from her – but for the kids, it’s agony.

The situation is hitting Ashley’s teenage daughter Gabby especially hard. Acting out her pain, she bunks off school with Liv and gets drunk with a couple of lads, Josh and Jamie. Before long, Gabby and Josh are kissing and heading upstairs… When Laurel returns home there’s hell to pay. But can the Thomases find a way through this painful journey? And can Doug get Ashley’s so-called mates, Bob and Jimmy, to help ease the load on Laurel?