Emmerdale’s Laurel is given tragic news about husband Ashley

Laurel is broken-hearted when her husband Ashley, who lives with dementia and is in care, falls seriously ill.

Last week, confused Ashley walked out of the care home dressed in his vicar’s robes, instantly becoming a missing person and a huge cause for concern. With the former vicar living with dementia, he had no way of finding his way back to the care home, or understanding where he was. His wife Laurel was terrified.

This week, Laurel’s in a better place. With her husband having been found safe and sound, all is calm. But as the family try to move on from the scary saga, fresh hell awaits. When Arthur falls ill, the Thomases visits to Ashley are curtailed. But Arthur’s desperate to see his dad and pretends he’s feeling far better. The young boy is devastated when Ashley goes on to fall seriously ill himself following a family visit. Laurel is sent reeling as she’s told her husband has been coughing up blood…