Aaron gets out of prison and straight into bed with someone, says Emmerdale’s Danny Miller

Emmerdale’s Danny Miller tells Soaplife how Aaron feels when he’s allowed to go home – and how he gets drunk and makes a big mistake!

Staying in Emmerdale to face the music doesn’t seem quite such a good idea to Aaron Livesy as he prepares to be sentenced by the court for skipping bail. “He’s got away with so many things, he believes that it’s finally time to take his punishment,” Danny tells Soaplife. “He has set his mind ready for prison and ends up getting a suspended sentence for a year.  He’s surprised – but now he can go home and start afresh.”

Aaron gets a surprise, too, when Edna (Shirley Stelfox) visits him, doesn’t he?
“Yes. She tells him about something she did in the past, which she wants to get off her chest. Aaron is flabbergasted by what he hears. He’s also intrigued.”

Is he worried that Ross (Michael Parr) is gunning for him?
“No, Aaron is not worried about anything. He sees Ross as the sort of character that he used to be. Hot-headed and passing the blame on to anyone but himself.”

So Aaron has changed?
“Yes, he has definitely matured. There used to be a lot of pain and loathing with Aaron. He’s calmed down a lot.”

He spends his first night of freedom with Finn (Joe Gill)! Is that a budding romance?
“No, Aaron’s got too much going on in his mind at the moment. He’s not ready for a romance just yet. In the future, though, you never know what might happen.”

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