Emmerdale Adam Thomas warns Adam’s cover-up could be the death of his sister Holly…

Adam thinks Holly is off the drugs. How does he find out she’s lying and she’s not?

“They’re at a party and Aaron sees Holly steal Scarlett’s purse. He’s furious and tells Adam his sister is a druggie and a thief. He also reveals that Holly overdosed in a nightclub a few weeks back and that he covered for her.”

Does Adam believe Aaron?

“He’s rocked by the news but, yes, he does. He’s noticed Holly’s been acting weirdly and now he knows why. At first he’s angry with Aaron for not telling him before but then he asks for his help because he’s at his wit’s end.”

What happens when Adam confronts Holly about it?

“She lies and denies everything like she always does but Adam doesn’t believe her this time. He’s furious and demands she tell their mum and dad about her problem, but she’s not having any of it.”

John and Moira catch Adam and Holly arguing. Do they have any idea it’s about drugs?

“They know Holly was doing drugs before but they don’t know she still is. They want to know what they’re arguing about but Holly silently pleads with Adam to keep quiet and he ends up covering for her again. Afterwards she swears blind she’s finished with drugs.”

Does Adam consider telling his mum and dad for Holly’s own good?

“He’s trying to keep the peace but it will get to a point where the only option he has will be to tell them. Holly’s problem is getting serious and there’s no way he’ll be able to cope with it on his own.”

Adam must feel resentful that Holly has put him in such a tricky situation?

“He does. He’s having to lie to his mum and dad which he hates. It’s horrible for Adam but good for me. I’m enjoying being part of this storyline and getting my teeth into something. And it’s going to get a whole lot worse before it starts getting better…”