Emmerdale Adele Silva tells Soaplife Kelly wants Jimmy back and will stop at nothing to get him…

Jimmy vanishes after Kelly leaves him unconscious in his van. Is she worried she might have seriously hurt him?
“She hasn’t really considered that. She just legged it after she bashed him with that torch. It was typical Kelly, running at the first sign of trouble. Now Jimmy’s not answering his mobile. She calls his office line a couple of times and leaves messages for him, but she doesn’t let on who she is.”

But why did she attack him?
“When Jimmy tried to put a stop to their meetings she went mad. He was trying to be reasonable. He didn’t want to ruin his marriage, but Kelly took it personally and lashed out with the first thing that came to hand. Then she panicked…”

Why did she call him in the first place?
“There are a lot of question marks about that. It’s not clear whether they’ve been having an affair or not, but as time goes on there are some exciting twists to the story.”

Does Kelly want Jimmy back?
“She’s missed him in her life. Jimmy is the one person who accepted all her flaws.”

But what about his wife Nicola and their baby daughter?
“Kelly doesn’t care about Jimmy’s marriage or his wife. Kelly only ever thinks about herself. She reckons Jimmy only married Nicola because she wasn’t around.”

Will Kelly turn up in the village?
“When she can’t trace Jimmy she will come looking for him.”

Sounds like we could have a Kelly/Nicola showdown… and Nicola’s no pushover…
“Kelly’s always been a troublemaker and loves stirring things up. Nicola versus Kelly would be a match made in heaven!”

What are the chances of Jimmy and Kelly getting back together?
“I’d love that. And once Kelly gets her teeth into something she wants, she won’t let go. She really believes she loves Jimmy, but the decision won’t be hers to make. It will be Jimmy’s.”

Have you missed Emmerdale in the four years you’ve been away?
“Oh yeah. I went travelling for 18 months and spent a lot of time in New York and LA. It was a fantastic experience, but it‘s lovely to be back ‘home’ in Emmerdale.”