Emmerdale character Alicia Gallagher was shot by killer Cameron Murray in Wednesday’s dramatic episode.

Cameron is holding a number of locals hostage in The Woolpack after he returned to the village for ex lover Debbie and in a dramatic climax in the pub, Alicia was shot and left fighing for her life in an ambulance at the end of the episode.

Actress Natalie Anderson, who plays Alicia, told Radio Times: “I am the biggest Emmerdale fan going, so to be part of a storyline that I hope is really iconic and will go down in the show’s history is unbelievable. I feel really proud and privileged that they’ve picked my character and that it’s going to have all these repercussions.”

Playing the scene wasn’t as simple as it seems, said Natalie: “After Alicia was shot, I had to lie as still as possible on that stone floor. Honestly, my hip bone and shoulder were so bruised by the end of it all. I was nearly shaking from being in pain and from having to lay there that long. I’m not meant to be shaking – I’m meant to be close to death!”