Alicia’s back in Emmerdale…just as disaster strikes. Is she going to die? (VIDEO)

If you go down to the woods in Emmerdale in August, you’re sure of a lot more than a big surprise… What happens is going to be terrifying.

“Doom and gloom is about to full upon Emmerdale village,” reveals Isobel Hodgins, who plays newlywed Victoria.

And a lot more is revealed in a new Emmerdale promotion video, which goes behind the scenes for the soap’s dark stories in their “Summer of Fate”.

“This summer Victoria and Adam will be focusing on their marriage,” adds Isobel.

“Everyone likes to live happily ever after,” says Adam Thomas, who plays Victoria’s husband. “Fingers crossed, eh?”

We think they might need more than luck, though…

“It’s all quite ominous,” adds Eric Pollard actor Chris Chittell.

“There’s going to be carnage,” reveals Louise Marwood, who plays Chrissie Sugden.

Does that mean her murdering, cheating husband Robert’s going to get what he deserves?

“Any of us could be dying,” says Matthew Wolfenden, who plays David.

Such as Alicia, David’s wife? The video reveals that Alicia is back in the village and we know that Natalie Anderson, who plays her, has quit Emmerdale.

“What’s coming is going to be epic, dramatic and heartbreaking,” says Natalie.

Click here for a lot more, including some very dodgy dancing from Adam… Victoria won’t want him if he keeps that up!

Emmerdale continues on ITV, Monday, July 27, 7.00pm.

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