Alicia wants to leave Emmerdale, but she might be going alone, reveals Natalie Anderson

Emmerdale star Natalie Anderson tells Soaplife how Alicia’s desperate for a new start away from the village…but husband David isn’t on board.

Why does Alicia want to go to Portugal?
“After everything that has happened – and I don’t just mean recent events, but with Cameron, the baby, everything – she’s desperate to get away. Nothing has gone right for David [Matthew Wolfenden] and Alicia. On their wedding day her dress was ruined, when they got engaged Alicia found out that Priya was having David’s baby. Alicia just wants to leave that all behind and have a fresh start.”

Does she realise David’s having second thoughts?
“She had an idea at the beginning, but he has reassured her. She’s carrying on, but doesn’t realise that David’s not keen and there could be disappointment ahead.”

What’s her vision of life in Portugal?
“She’s imagining sun, sea, sand and a new life for them, where Jacob can be outside playing football with David while she’s running the bar, being herself and not feeling as if she’s being judged. She wants to be that bubbly, friendly mum that she was when she first arrived in Emmerdale.”

But it would mean taking David away from Amba…
“Alicia’s upset about David not seeing her, but she wants Priya [Fiona Wade] and Amba to visit as much as possible. She thinks that because Jacob’s not with his dad and they manage to make it work, it will be OK for David and Amba, but she’s not really thinking things through properly.”

So, what state is Alicia’s marriage in?
“Alicia likes to think it’s rock solid, but it has been a huge few years for them and in any relationship those things take their toll.”

Her relationship with her sister, Leyla, isn’t great, either, is it?
“They’ve had a massive row. Leyla [Roxy Shahidi] made out she was behind the move, but then she tried to talk Jacob out of going to Portugal. Alicia has a leaving do, but Leyla doesn’t realise that Jai [Chris Bisson] has deleted the text message inviting her along.”

And Alicia catches Leyla and Jai in a compromising position…
“Alicia’s disappointed in Leyla then. Jai’s married to Megan [Gaynor Faye], who is Alicia and Leyla’s friend and she has lost everything. Leyla’s trampling all over that, but I don’t think that Alicia would ever expose her, as she would always protect her sister.”

Do you think viewers will be sad to see them go?
“I like to think they’d want the Metcalfes to be happy as a family.”

Emmerdale, ITV.


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