Emmerdale’s Amanda Donohoe says Natasha’s worst fear is her children discovering she’s a killer…

How do you feel about playing a killer?

“Well, after all Mark had done the ending to his storyline had to be dramatic. I’ve also just signed up for another nine-month contract. I couldn’t not – the scripts are gripping with great conflict and tension.”

And how does Natasha feel about being a killer?

“She’s absolutely horrified by what she’s done. The hurt, betrayal and anger she felt on discovering Mark had been deceiving her with Faye just took over.”

What has Natasha told the children?

“Certainly not that she’s murdered their father! She has to tell Will that Ryan is his half-brother though. Nathan warns her to do it before someone else does. She also has to tell him that Mark won’t be coming home. Ever. She hates herself for breaking Will’s heart.”

Does she think she can get away with Mark’s murder?

“She hopes she can. Personally I don’t see how you could live with taking someone else’s life. Denial and survival play massive parts as the storyline unfolds. Her biggest fear is her children will learn the truth.”

It doesn’t look good when the police investigate Mark’s disappearance and find out he left without his passport. Does Natasha hold it together?

“Forgetting about the passport was a big mistake, but it’s something she can explain. Mark has a history of disappearing so why would he need his passport when he’ll probably be changing his identity – again. So although at first she panics, then she thinks about it and figures why would a lying bigamist want his passport?”

How are Maisie and Nathan coping with the situation?

“Maisie’s still distraught over the revelation Ryan is her half-brother and trying to fight her feelings for him. She isn’t coping at all. Nathan is a more serious concern… Let’s just say if he was damaged before this then he’s a lot worse now.”

What do you think could cause Natasha to be found out?

“If she’s stupid enough to tell someone about it then that could be her downfall. I think she should have ended her marriage as soon as Mark told her about Faye in the first place. I definitely would have done.”

Can she brazen it out?

“She has to. She can’t falter for a moment…”

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