Kelvin Fletcher reveals to Soaplife how Andy can’t help flirting with danger when he finds himself kissing his girlfriend’s daughter in Emmerdale!

Andy and Kerry’s relationship always seemed to be more about convenience than love… though he’s trying hard to convince himself otherwise. But when Amy suddenly kisses him and he kisses her right back, he’s thrown into confusion. A mother-daughter love triangle? Now that’s more like it…

So, Adam’s party is where Andy’s problems start, is that right?

“Andy, Kerry and Amy are meant to be going to the party together, but then Debbie suddenly dumps the kids on Andy – like she keeps doing. Andy’s annoyed, but Amy volunteers to look after the kids. Andy’s made up. He’d been looking forward to having a few beers and letting his hair down.”

But Kerry has a few too many at the party and makes a show of herself…

“She’s getting drunker and drunker and louder and louder and more flirtatious. She starts dancing around suggestively and Andy’s mortified. She completely ignores him when he asks her to calm down so he storms home.”

Where Amy offers him a sympathetic ear…

“She empathises with Andy when he explains why he’s back early. Then Andy compliments her because she looks different to her usual self. She’s dressed up for the party and not all grungy. She’s pleased and surprised that he’s noticed. Unfortunately, Amy thinks Andy’s making a pass at her and goes to kiss him. But, instead of letting her down gently, Andy surprisingly kisses her back!”

Does he regret it?

“This is the thing… I don’t know. The kiss surprised Andy and makes him start to think differently about Amy. He’s never looked twice at her before.”

How awkward is it when they see each other the next day?

“Very! Andy’s on eggshells that Kerry will find out and says it was just a little kiss that shouldn’t have happened and it doesn’t need to go any further. Amy’s distraught when he says the kiss was a big mistake and it meant nothing.”

So it meant something to Amy… Might Andy be tempted to have an affair?

“Possibly, but it would be a recipe for disaster.”