Andy receives the homecoming from hell!

Andy Sugden’s get-out-of-jail joy will be short-lived when he gets home to Emmerdale, as actor Kelvin Fletcher explains…

After two months of being in prison, Andy is let out on appeal…

“The Sugdens started an appeal as soon as Andy was sent down. And at the hearing he’s told he’s free to go. It’s a massive relief to know he can return home to his new wife Jo and little daughter Sarah – he’s missed them both terribly.”

But all’s not well at home, as ex-inmate Charlie has been threatening Andy’s precious family…

“Jo has kept it all from Andy because she was scared what might happen to him. Charlie still has mates inside and she knew Charlie would set them on Andy if she told.”

What would Andy do if and when he finds out what’s been happening while he was inside?

“Charlie does a runner just before he gets out but Andy will be after Charlie’s blood when he finds out what’s gone on. Andy struggles to control his temper at the best of times. Revenge will be on his mind!”

Will Andy blame Jo?

“That depends. It wasn’t Jo’s fault that Charlie came to the village but he’ll find it hard to cope with the knowledge that Jo allowed him to be in the same house as Sarah, that she didn’t find some way to protect his daughter.”

And we doubt he’ll be too happy to discover that, in his absence, Jo has allowed Debbie to bond with Sarah too?

“When he finds out he’ll be furious. He made Jo promise she would look after Sarah and, in Andy’s eyes, it will be an absolute betrayal to discover Jo has been giving Debbie access.”

Is Andy at least glad that he’s free of the guilt of keeping the secret that it was his fault his mum Sarah died?

“You’d think. But it looks like confessing has brought Andy a whole new lot of trouble. Charlie’s out there somewhere with revenge in mind and Debbie’s right there maybe with getting custody of Sarah in mind!”