Andy Sugden: It’s a fine line between love & hate

Andy Sugden wants to make things right, but has he already turned Jo’s love to hate? Emmerdale star Kelvin Fletcher worries he has…

So has Jo standing up to him and making him sleep on the sofa brought Andy to his senses?

“Andy had hoped that coming back from Spain meant he’d be able to wipe the slate clean and make a fresh start. He had time to think when he was away and it really hit home how much Jo means to him. He really does want things to be the same as they were before he went to jail.”

And Kelvin insists that Andy does know what he’s doing to Jo is wrong and that there‘s no excuse at all for him hitting her…

“When he’s lashed out, as soon as the moment’s passed he hates himself for it. Hates himself the harming the woman he really loves. He feels really bad afterwards and is always full of apologies.”

Only it looks like Jo isn’t going to put up with a sorry much longer. Does Andy worry she could leave him?

“The problem is I don’t think he believes she’d ever do it. But if she did he would totally freak. He’d be devastated. Jo is everything to him. Andy just keeps hoping that everything will get back to normal – that the farm will start doing well and his marriage will get back on track. Andy and Jo badly need some stability in their lives.”

Would he maybe want to start a family with Jo?

“He’d be delighted if Jo were to fall pregnant. She’s never been the maternal type, but she’s taken to Sarah very well. But I’m not so sure Jo would think it a good idea. She struggled with being a wife and mum when Andy went to jail. Also, if anything, a baby could make things even more fraught between them.”

With news that Roxanne Pallet is leaving at the end of the year, there can be no doubt that Andy and Jo are going to split… Somehow. What would Andy do if Jo tried to leave him?

“The thing is he keeps flying off the handle. He just sees red and when he does, he’s not rational. Who knows what he might do if Jo decides to leave him? It’s frightening because he’s so unpredictable. He won’t calmly accept it – that’s a definite.”

And when Andy’s pushed to the extreme someone usually ends up very hurt… Like mum Sarah who died in the barn fire and dad Jack who got in the way of the bullet meant for Andy’s brother Robert!