Andy Sugden: Until prison us do part?

Emmerdale’s Andy wants to make Jo the happiest bride ever, but he’s the most jinxed man in soap warns actor Kelvin Fletcher.

Andy gets the surprise of his life on the big day when his solicitor arrives and says Andy’s been summoned to court to face his verdict for the manslaughter of his adoptive mum Sarah.

“It’s a complete shock. He wasn’t expecting the court date so soon let alone on the same day as his wedding. He’s gutted. He’s been totally absorbed in giving Jo the perfect wedding day. He doesn’t tell her that the church venue has been cancelled and instead has spent days secretly decorating the barn for the ceremony.”

That hitch was bad enough. How did Andy conceal it?

“She finds out at the last moment that the church got cancelled and is ready to freak but Sam, Val and Paul assure her it’s all going to be ok. When the time comes for the ceremony, Andy covers her eyes and leads her into the barn. And she’s thrilled.”

Is that when his jinx strikes again?

“He’s terrified as he sits and waits to go in the courtroom. Jo holds his hand and tries to keep his spirits up. She tries to get him to think about their future but he can’t. He breaks down and sobs. He knows he may be about to lose everything.’

Is he perhaps wishing that he’d never confessed to starting that killer fire?

“He couldn’t not have confessed. He did it to protect Jack and convince Victoria their dad wasn’t responsible for their mum’s death. But also he’d always had trouble living with the fact that he hadn’t faced the consequences of what he’d done. He has no regrets, but Andy’s terrified of prison… Obviously he doesn’t want to be separated from Jo but it’s the thought of Sarah being alone that worries him the most.”

Is that why he’s so desperate to marry and have Jo officially adopt Sarah?

“Partly. He does love Jo, but it’s also that he wants her to be a proper mother to Sarah.”

What about Debbie – Sarah’s real mum?

“Sarah needs a stable female influence in her life. In Andy’s eyes that’s never going to be Debbie!”

Kelvin denied recent rumours, insisting he was staying in Emmerdale, but he teased that it might be from inside a prison cell. So how likely it is that Andy will be sent down?

“As he travels to court he can’t help but fear he won’t be coming back…”

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