Andy Sugden’s luck is about to change

But Emmerdale’s Kelvin Fletcher says he hopes he doesn’t get too lucky!

Is Andy totally over his breakdown?

“I don’t know if you ever get over clinical depression, but he’s doing okay. He’s still seeing a counsellor and taking medication so things are on an even-ish keel.”

Is he ready for a new relationship?

“The whole Jo thing left him with very low self-esteem. He’s flattered when Adele flirts with him, but very wary. I hope they’re not going to be pushed into a relationship… he’s still not ready for that.”

It all seems out of the blue… Does Andy even know Adele?

“She’s been around for ages, but he never noticed her before. He’s been too wrapped up with his own problems to notice any girl.”

How much does Adele know about him? Does she know about his violent past?

“She does when Lisa Dingle warns her off…”

Is Andy upset with Lisa?

“To be honest I don’t think he blames Lisa. Andy doesn’t think he’s good boyfriend material either.”

What does he say to Adele when she confronts him about his past?

“He’s totally honest with her. He admits he was violent towards Jo, but explains he was very ill at the time and wasn’t behaving normally. He says he hates himself for it and will always be ashamed. This is a significant moment for Andy and hopefully viewers will begin to see him as the nice lad he always was.”

Does the truth put Adele off??>

“She still wants to be with Andy. She’s impressed by his honesty.”

We hear a bedroom scene’s coming up?

“OMG! I’d better get to the gym if I’m going to be seen with my kit off again. I’ve been having a few too many beers.”

Do you think the bed thing’s too rushed?

“It’ll last more than a few minutes if that’s what you’re implying! I’m just joking… I feel Andy will be very cautious about rushing into anything. I imagine it’ll be Adele taking control.”

Andy must be the most jinxed character in soap. Would you like him to get lucky?

“If he was a real person then, yeah, of course I would. But as an actor it’s far more challenging to play a troubled character that things happen to…”

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