Emmerdale’s Kelvin Fletcher warns Soaplife that when Andy loses his temper with Adele, he’s taking a dangerous step backwards…

We thought Andy’s violence towards women was over. What is Adele doing to make him so angry?
“She’s independent and this makes Andy feel insecure, which makes him jealous. They haven’t been together long and he feels she should want to spend time alone with him. Instead, she invites Gennie on a date, says she can’t see him as she’s seeing her mum, and so on.”

How does Adele react to his unreasonable possessiveness?
“She tells him he needs to change if they’re going to be together.”

His ex Katie gives him the same warning. How is she involved?
“Adele turns down a night with Andy for a girls’ night with Katie. Later, he’s walking past Katie’s and she catches his eye through the window. She thinks he’s spying on Adele and tells him to back off or he’ll lose her.”

Why does he turn on Katie and blame her for all his problems?
“Because she had an affair with his brother, Robert, and slept with him on the eve of their wedding. He tells her it’s no wonder he’s suspicious after what she did to him.”

How does he react when Adele does break up with him?
“He tells her she can’t… He’s just not having it!”

Is he in danger of hitting Adele the way he hit Jo?
“I imagine she finds him looming over her fairly threatening! She’s scared and runs away and Andy is left struggling to control his anger.”

Is that why he drives the Land Rover into the bins?
“Totally. Katie sees the smash and is horrified. She tells him she thought he’d sorted his anger problems.”

So did we. Will Andy always have these problems with women?
“He’s not a demon. He has serious trust issues and he just can’t help himself. I really feel for him”

Maybe Katie, who broke his trust, is the woman to restore it?
“Them get back together, you mean? They were the perfect couple before her thing with Robert and she knows him better than anyone. But maybe too much has happened to go back…”