When Andy finds out there is no baby, there’ll be no controlling him warns Emmerdale star Kelvin Fletcher…

How does Andy feel about Jo’s pregnancy?

“He’s delighted. He has no idea she’s lying. You start to see the Andy that was before he went to prison.”

In other words he stops hitting her?

“Andy wouldn’t harm Jo now she’s carrying his child. He thinks they’re going to be a proper family and doesn’t want anything to ruin that.”

Does Andy think having a baby will be the answer to their problems then?

“Andy thinks a baby is the final piece of the puzzle for him and Jo. They’ve had a lot of problems and Andy feels a baby will bring them closer together. It gives them something to love and care for together.”

But they have Sarah and she hasn’t managed to bond them. Andy even attacked Jo in front of her.

“When Andy saw the picture Sarah had drawn of him intimidating Jo, it was a real wake-up call for him. It really hurt him. But although Sarah is the most important person in Andy’s life, he thinks a baby for him and Jo – ­their own child – would be perfect.”

So why does he lie about going to anger management counselling?

“He doesn’t think the classes would be of any benefit to him. A lot of the time he’s in denial about his temper and blames other people. He only agreed to go as a way to please Jo.”

In a way they’re both fooling themselves as well as each other…

“Well, he’s lying to her and she’s lying to him so it’s not good.”

How will he react when he discovers Jo’s lying about being pregnant?

“He’s lost it with Jo for lying to him and keeping things secret in the past, but this might be more than he can handle.”

Does that mean he’ll get even more violent?

“Who knows what Andy’s capable of when he’s angry. Jo could well be in serious danger.”