Andy’s brother Robert to ruin his romance with Katie TWICE? Emmerdale’s Kelvin Fletcher explains…

Emmerdale’s Kelvin Fletcher tells Soaplife why Andy is so sure that marrying Katie is the right thing to do even when his brother Robert – Katie’s ex – makes contact…

Andy Sugden is certain that things are going to work out with childhood sweetheart Katie this time round. To show her how much he loves her he plans a surprise birthday proposal – which goes horribly wrong when Bernice eats the ring. “He has this idea of baking a cake and putting the ring inside, but it’s a disaster. Andy worries that this proposal is never going to happen,” says Kelvin. Perhaps he should also be worried about how he’s going to get the ring back…

Why does Andy decide to propose?
“Sarah tells Gabby that her dad is going to marry Katie and  Andy’s surprised by Katie’s reaction. She tells him she wants them to grow old together. Andy didn’t have a proper family of his own and I think he wants nothing more than to be loved and wanted. When Katie says she wants that with him, it’s music to his ears. It’s like he’s forgotten all he has been through and the mistakes he has made.”

Is he still afraid he might hurt her like he did Jo?
“Part of him is worried that it wasn’t a phase and that the devil inside him will surface again. But he has spoken to Katie about it and she has told him they are a team. He’s reassured by that.”

Then the proposal goes wrong when Bernice (Samantha Giles) eats the cake hiding the ring!
“Andy just wanted it to be simple and romantic and it ends up as an embarrassment. He just wants to get that ring on Katie’s finger and starts to panic.”

And he panics more when he gets a text from his brother Robert?
“He’s gobsmacked because he cut all ties with Robert and hasn’t spoken to him since Jack’s funeral. He is happy with Katie and then suddenly, he hears from the person who stopped their wedding from taking place last time.”

Is that why he doesn’t tell Katie about the text?
“Deep down I think he’s wondering how Katie feels about Robert. Will she get feelings for him again? But Katie does find out about the text and manages to persuade Andy that she hasn’t got feelings for Robert.”

So can Andy and Katie live happily ever after?
“Are you kidding? Emmerdale is a soap and the problems people face are what makes it interesting. Andy certainly deserves it after all he has been through. I hope they are together for a while, as it is great to work with Sammy [Winward, who plays Katie]. We always have a laugh together.”

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