‘Andy’s on the road to recovery’ believes Emmerdale’s Kelvin Fletcher

Andy Sugden realises he needs to start rebuilding his broken life, says Emmerdale star Kelvin Fletcher…

How is Andy doing?
“He’s in a bad way. It’s been pretty tragic to watch it all unfold for Andy.”

Why is Andy dating Tracy?
“Andy’s grieving and he has a massive void. He needs something to fill it and Tracy is a comfort. She’s there to numb the pain.”

How does he feel about the fact everyone is so angry about it?
“Andy’s like ‘This is what I want to do.’ He actually makes a point of being all over Tracy in public. The more people tell Andy he should be mourning, the more he fights back. It’s his way of showing his hurt.”

Is there any long-term potential for the romance?
“It’s quite swift, but it’s been great working with Amy Walsh who plays Tracy. I get on with her really well.”

What happens at Sarah’s school play?
“Andy turns up at the school with Tracy, but he sees a picture of him and Katie from years gone by and it brings it all back. Tracy feels used and leaves and Andy breaks down to Bernice.”

What does he say?
“He has this moment of ‘I can’t believe what I’m doing!’ He’s mortified and he tries to put things right.”

What does he do?
“He apologises to Tracy and he admits he’s used her for his own needs and tells her that she’s better than that. He also assures Diane he’s on the right road to recovery.”

What about his kids? Will he be able to reconnect with them again?
“That’s been the hardest thing. He didn’t want to be upset in front of the kids because he didn’t think it was fair. After what happens with Tracy, he thinks that seeing the kids will help him.”

How do you think Andy will react if he finds out Robert was involved with Katie’s death?
“I can’t imagine what Andy’s reaction might be. Robert has been the one person to support him.”


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