When Andy thinks Victoria’s about to find out he killed her mum he confesses all, reveals Emmerdale star Kelvin Fletcher

For seven years Andy Sugden has lived with a dark secret – he killed his adoptive mum Sarah in a blaze that he started deliberately.
Only a handful of people know he did it. Until now… His sister Victoria has begun asking questions about her mum’s death and Andy is terrified.

“Andy’s very scared. He never wants Victoria to find out the truth. The fact he started the fire which killed his mother is something Andy’s had to live with. It’s been very hard for him and although he’s managed to move on it’s never stopped tormenting him.”

Andy started the fire because he thought the insurance cash would help Jack. He had no idea Sarah and her lover Richie were inside the barn at the time, did he?
“He had absolutely no intention of killing Sarah but the guilt’s still there and always will be. And now Victoria is asking questions and bringing the horror back to him. She was only six when Sarah died and he can’t bear the thought of her discovering what really happened to her mum. It would cause huge damage to the family and totally destroy his relationship with Victoria forever.”

So why does Victoria suddenly start asking questions? “She finds an article about Jack’s arrest and trial for Sarah’s murder at the library and is shocked. When she gets home everyone’s there to celebrate her birthday but all she wants to know is the truth. Jack tells her he didn’t start the fire, that he was wrongly accused and she seems to let it drop. But he doesn’t tell her how he got off… that Richie found out it was Andy and changed his testimony. And Andy is worried that she will want to know more. Jack tries to reassure him that Victoria won’t find out but I think it’s inevitable that sooner or later she will.”

With Andy’s luck as the most jinxed character in Emmerdale, so do we! And when Andy ignores Jack’s warning not to say a word to anyone it could be much sooner rather than later. “Andy’s desperate to confide in someone. The whole thing’s eating away at him.”

So who does he tell?
“Jo. She’s the person he’s closest to. He lives with her and he loves her and he tells himself she had a right to know. He trusts her totally to keep the secret and she promises she will. But, I think he could live to regret that.”

If Victoria ever discovers the truth, she could tell the police and seven years ago or not he could end up in prison…
“Andy desperately hopes it will never come to that. Even if it did, I’m sure Jack would step in and try to persuade Victoria not to do it.”