Are Emmerdale’s Adam and Aaron going to become more than best friends? (VIDEO)

Emmerdale star Adam Thomas has admitted he is really enjoying his character Adam Barton becoming a bad lad, with all the law-breaking, drug-taking and family feuding.

And he’s also loving having Danny Miller back in the village as Adam’s best mate, Aaron Livesy, Chas’s gay son.

Aaron and Adam are set to become closer over the coming weeks.

“I’m buzzing that he [Danny] is back,” says Adam. “We’ve had some good scenes together already, it’s like he never left really. It’s been amazing. I love him to bits, he’s one of the best actors I’ve ever worked with.”

It has been hinted that Adam’s relationship with Aaron could develop even further… Aaron did make a pass at Adam a few years ago – and that ended very badly for the boys, as our video (below) reveals.

“I hope they stay close as friends – nothing else, just friends,” says Adam.

But will they? Aaron loves Adam… How does Adam really feel?

Emmerdale continues on ITV, Monday, August 25, 7.00pm.