Emmerdale’s Eden Taylor-Draper tells Soaplife magazine that Belle still wants to be punished for Gemma’s death. But would the young Dingle be able to take her punishment?

Is Belle scared of going to jail?

“I think she’s pretending she’s not to Cain and Debbie. She really hopes she won’t end up in prison. But I don’t think she realises the seriousness of the situation.”

What’s happening with her plan to have a baby with Sean?

“That idea has been shelved at the minute, but who knows?”

Who has she got on her side?

“Zak and Sean. But Sean’s family are not letting him see her so really it’s just Zak. He totally runs the Dingles and Belle has got such a good connection with him. She turned to him when she couldn’t talk to her mum and they have a really strong bond.”

Does Belle realise how her parents are suffering?

“Yes, she does. She feels she has totally ruined her family.”

Then Sam tells her he’s planned to run away with her…

“Yes – and Belle goes mental. She knows you can’t run away from the law.”

How will she feel if she’s found guilty of murder?

“She would be so devastated, she will have lost everything, not just her best friend. I think Belle wants the punishment, but deep down I think she would be completely distraught.”

How would Belle cope in prison?

“She’d get advice from Debbie. Belle has always had security around her and she’s a clever kid. But it would be hard for her to cope because she’s soft. She will put on this massive front and pretend that she’s hard, but I don’t think she’ll cope.”