Emmerdale star Bill Ward has hinted that developments between James and Emma Barton turn dark and involve a wedding dress, a hatchet and a bizarre dinner

Emmerdale star Bill Ward says Emma’s imprisonment of James gets ‘pretty macabre, pretty dark’ this week.

The storyline is a key part of Emmerdale‘s Super Soap Week and when James’s intended, Emma, found out about his infidelity with Moira, she went to the dark side.

James is desperate to escape her ‘care’, but it’s not so easy with a broken leg and no phone. Emma is manic and more than a little dangerous.

Bill told What’s on TV: “She does (come in wearing her wedding dress) because they were about to get married again and he has to write some wedding vows to celebrate the occasion, which she finds out about because they’re not quite what she had in mind. There’s quite an unusual dinner which they share together where he is tied up and she is wearing her wedding dress and it involves a chicken and a hatchet…”

Will he escape her clutches? Bill couldn’t reveal that, but the storyline is heading for a dramatic conclusion later this week.

He did, however, surprisingly add that the deranged drama comes from a place of love.

“They love each other,” he said. “That’s what for us, that’s kind of what made this whole journey interesting. They’re essentially child sweethearts and they’re both imperfect people and they both know they are.”

He continued: “James gets his head turned, in particular by Moira, so he’s kind of essentially in love with two women. But he does love Emma and Emma does loves him and they’re trying to make a go of something they know is going to be very difficult, particularly once James’s infidelity is exposed.

“Emma finds that very difficult to deal with, hence the wedding dress, chicken, hatchet…”

Watch the interview with Bill Ward, above. Emmerdale’s massive week of drama begins on Monday, October 17 on ITV