Emmerdale star Tony Audenshaw reveals Bob Hope decides he must make a grand gesture to win back Brenda… Will it work?

Things are decidedly awkward between Bob Hope and Laurel Thomas after their fling and when Brenda shows what a great stepmum she is, the cheating café owner decides he wants her back.

What’s the story?

“Bob loves Brenda,” actor Tony Audenshaw told Soaplife. “He realises what an idiot he’s been and wants her back.” The question is, will Brenda give him another chance?

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Tony Audenshaw tells Soaplife about Bob’s feelings for Brenda and Laurel in Emmerdale…

Soaplife: Why did Bob sleep with Laurel?

Tony Audenshaw: “It happened by surprise. Bob was very supportive through Ashley’s illness and a good friend to him and Laurel. Since he died, Laurel has confided in Bob. They are good friends and Laurel was big enough to forgive Bob after he sided with Emma Barton. She turned up and wanted some comfort and he responded.”

SL: Does he have a history of cheating?

TA: “Because of the times he has been married, you would assume he has, but the show has never really looked at why he left those relationships. He did cheat with Gennie, but Viv was in prison at the time and said she wanted no contact with him.”

SL: How does Bob feel now about sleeping with Laurel?

TA: “He feels very guilty. He didn’t think about the consequences and of course it is very upsetting for Brenda. Although he has told Brenda he has been with someone, she doesn’t know it was Laurel.”

SL: Does he have feelings for Laurel?

TA: “Probably. I suppose this thing was exciting when it happened. Laurel doesn’t admit there is anything, but he gets a bit of frisson of excitement when she is around and assumes she feels the same.”

SL: What happens when his son Heath hits Laurel’s son Arthur?

TA: “Bob and Laurel are talking about the fallout of what they have done and Brenda tells them that Heath has hit Arthur because Arthur said something about Bob having an affair. Brenda is amazing in the way that she talks to the kids and how she deals with the whole situation. Bob realises what a fantastic strong woman she is and what an idiot he has been. He wants to make things right and get back with her.”

SL: How will he win her round?

TA: “The trust has gone so he is going to have to fight very very hard to get that back. He has an idea to win her over with a grand gesture. Doug helps him out with this treasure trail type thing, based on when they got together and it was all about Wuthering Heights. He knows Brenda loves literature and it is all based on that, he takes it to a special place.”

SL: Do you think he might propose to Brenda as a way of winning her back?

TA: “Yes. They had this hand fasting ceremony and Brenda has said she is not happy with how he couldn’t even be bothered to marry her probably. He wants to show her how much he loves her so he might propose.”