Watch out Laurel! ‘Brenda is obsessed with finding Bob’s other woman’ says Emmerdale’s Lesley Dunlop

Ever since Brenda Walker found out about Bob’s one-night-stand she’s been left wondering who he slept with. Now Bob has proposed, will Brenda get to the truth?

Bob Hope’s womanising past was almost a forgotten memory when he settled down with café owner Brenda Walker. Until his shock one-night-stand with grieving widow Laurel Thomas, that is! Emmerdale’s Lesley Dunlop has talked to Soaplife about Brenda’s suspicions.

What’s the story?

Brenda knows that Bob cheated, but thinks it was with a work colleague. “She is struggling to deal with it,” actress Lesley Dunlop told Soaplife. “If she knew the true identity of Bob’s one-night stand it would push her over the edge.”

What will she do if she finds out that Laurel is the culprit?

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Soaplife’s interview with Lesley Dunlop

Soaplife: How were things before Bob cheated?

Lesley Dunlop: “They were happy before then, everything seemed to be going well between them. At first she thought he might be ill or have money worries and was gobsmacked to find out he had slept with another woman.”

S: What would happen if she found out it was Laurel?

LD: “I can’t imagine as she has befriended Laurel over it – she is the only person she has confided in. It would be a double betrayal. Bob has lied and lied and lied. I think it would have been better if he’d told her the truth from the start. I am devastated for her.”

S: Who does she think it is?

LD: “For a second, she suspected Laurel, but when Bob said it was an ex work colleague, she believed him.”

S: Is she curious about the ‘other woman’?

LD: “It doesn’t make it any better that she thinks it is an old work colleague of his. She has become obsessed with finding out exactly who she is.”

S: Do you think they can rebuild their relationship?

LD: “She did plan to leave him after Christmas, but when Bob proposed, Brenda was delighted, thinking that it would make everything better. She wants to get married and be happy, but doubts started to creep in as soon as she said ‘yes’.”

S: Will they have a happily-ever-after?

LD: “It is not going to be a smooth path. I hope they stay together as I really enjoy working closely with Tony Audenshaw, but I am not sure that can happen when she finds out about Laurel.”

S: How will she deal with Laurel when she finds out?

LD: “There will be a lot of rage from Brenda, but not a cat fight as I don’t think that is in her make up, or Laurel’s.”

S: Who else in the village could be right for Brenda?

LD: “She is one of the few women that Ross Barton hasn’t been with! Perhaps Lawrence should have left everything to Ronnie so that he and Brenda could have a platonic, but deep friendship. They could live in the big house together and have a fabulous time. They’d be like that couple on Gogglebox who live in the caravan. Plus, it would be great to have John McArdle back.”

Emmerdale, ITV