Emmerdale‘s Natalie J Robb has revealed Moira and Cain Dingle’s affair will feature some of the raciest scenes the soap has ever shown.

The soap star’s character, farmer’s wife Moira Barton, is set for a passionate fling with bad boy Cain Dingle, played by Jeff Hordley, this week and Natalie told The People the director has asked them to turn up the sex appeal.

She said: “The director asked me to wear a crossover dress so my breasts look very voluptuous, perfect for a seduction scene.

“We ripped each other’s tops off, he cleared everything off his fridge, picked me up and my legs were wrapped around him. We looked at each other and then went into a clinch.

“Jeff Hordley, who plays Cain, told me they’re some of the raunchiest scenes he’s ever performed in and he’s had to do a lot.

“When one was over, the crew’s boom operator was crying with laughter. He said he’d overheard a conversation in the control room where somebody had said something about going for a cigarette afterwards.”

Natalie admitted Moira is not happy cheating on her husband, but she just can’t resist the chemistry she shares with Cain.

She said: “Moira just can’t help herself. So she does it. The sex is amazing – the chemistry is so powerful it’s electric and she can’t control it.”