Cain decides he has to kill Robert to save Aaron, reveals Emmerdale’s Jeff Hordley

Suspected of trying to kill Robert in Emmerdale, Aaron is feeling suicidal… So Cain has come up with a drastic plan to save him, Jeff Hordley tells Soaplife.

What makes Cain take action?
“He visits Aaron [Danny Miller] at the remand centre and he talks about how Jackson found a way out by killing himself. Cain knows that Aaron has self-harmed and is genuinely worried. For the sake of his family, Cain feels he must do the right thing. He tells Chas [Lucy Pargeter] that they’ll get Aaron off and promises he’ll sort it out.”

What’s his plan?
“He wants to frame Chrissie [Louise Marwood] because he thinks she shot Robert. The idea is to put the Whites back in the picture rather than Aaron. Cain knows he has to get rid of Robert [Ryan Hawley] and framing somebody else for it is all he can do at the moment.”

How will he frame Chrissie?
“He goes to Home Farm and sneaks into Chrissie’s room, where he pinches some scisssors. He plans to use these to cut Robert’s oxygen line in the hospital. While he’s there, he sees there’s an engagement party for Lawrence [John Bowe] and Bernice [Samantha Giles]. He takes the opportunity to goad Chrissie. He says it’s embarrassing that her husband turned gay because she didn’t please him in bed. Chrissie lashes out and says, ‘I wish he was dead’. Everyone is shocked by what she says and she’s put herself in the frame.”

So why does Cain rope Adam into his plan?
“Because Adam [Adam Thomas] owes Cain favours from the past. He got him off over the whole car crash business and stopped Robert from ruining his wedding day.”

What about Moira?
“Moira [Natalie J Robb] realises she can’t change Cain, so she sometimes has to stand by him, in a Lady Macbeth kind of way.”

What happens at the hospital?
“Cain turns up with a big Teddy to shield himself from the CCTV cameras. He makes up some story about visiting a child and when the woman leaves her desk, he pretends to be a doctor and calls Chrisssie.  He asks her to come to the hospital as he wants to make sure she’s there at the same time he kills Robert. Cain takes somebody’s flowers and goes to see Robert. He’s about to cut the tube when Zak [Steve Halliwell] walks in.”

Oops! What does Zak do?
“Zak tries to talk Cain down, but he’s hell-bent on getting rid of Robert. I won’t say what happens but, afterwards, Zak and Cain have a big heart to heart and it’s kind of a life-changing moment for them.”

Emmerdale, ITV


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