‘The next morning Cain totally regrets what happens with Charity,’ says Emmerdale’s Jeff Hordley

Cain leaves Moira and Charity's plan to get her man appears to be working in Emmerdale

Cain Dingle finds out Moira has lied to him, gets sympathy and a kiss from Charity – and then goes gunning for James in Emmerdale! Jeff Hordley reveals all the drama to Soaplife…

It all starts to go wrong when Cain finds out Moira lied to him about Holly taking drugs, doesn’t it?
“Yes. Moira [Natalie J Robb] is everything that Cain wants. But he feels his trust has been betrayed and gives her an ultimatum.”

How does Cain find out Holly is back on drugs?
“He finds the pills Moira’s been told to take after her accident with the used needle. He thinks they’re Holly’s, then Moira is forced to come clean and say she’s taking them. He’s furious Moira has hidden this from him, too.”

What does he do?
“Basically, he tells Moira that it’s him or Holly [Sophie Powles]. She has to make a choice. He’s said it before, but this time he really means it. She chooses her daughter and he walks out of the door in a strop.”

Where does he go?
“To the Woolpack, where Bailey [Micah Balfour] is working behind the bar. He upsets Cain and there’s a bit of a scene, so Charity [Emma Atkins] pulls Cain into the back room and asks him what’s wrong. After a bit of coaxing, he opens up about what happened, then they talk about their past.”

And then they kiss! How does that happen?
“Cain has a few drinks and it comes out of them having this heart-to-heart chat. Chas [Lucy Pargeter] walks in on them and they laugh it off… But, the next morning, Cain totally regrets it. He knows Charity will make sure Moira hears about it.”

And how does Moira find out?
“Cain tries to make it up with Moira and he admits he had a little kiss with Charity. Then you see him in the next episode, waking up on the sofa at the pub. James [Bill Ward] finds out about this from Charity, then urges Moira to ask Cain where he spent the night. Cain flails about and tries to explain it, but it’s the beginning of the end.”

And he goes after James, doesn’t he?
“He does. Firstly, he’s jealous because James supported Moira through this whole business with the needle. Then he meddled in their relationship. Cain gets increasingly annoyed as he stews over it. He sees James in his car outside the shop and he thinks, ‘Right, I’m going to sort this out and run him off the road!’”

Does he hurt James?
“No, because he sees Moira is in the car, too, and brakes suddenly.”

Does he know Charity is reeling him in?
“He’s aware this is what she has wanted for a while, but doesn’t he realise how much he’s being played.”

So, is it over between Cain and Moira?
“Watch this space! Personally, I think he should try to win her back.”

Emmerdale, ITV


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