‘Cain’s on the warpath after Kirin hurts Moira!’ says Emmerdale’s Adam Fielding

Emmerdale’s Adam Fielding reveals to Soaplife that Kirin has to fear for his own life after he runs Moira off the road!

It’s hard to believe that Kirin is just 17, but the lad shows his immaturity when he gets into his car after he’s been drinking and knocks Moira down. “The first thing Kirin does is convince himself that he didn’t hit anything. He drives off and is then in a state of denial,” Adam tells Soaplife. Cain won’t be interested in denial when he finds out that the teen almost killed his wife…

In a way, it’s Kirin’s relationship with Vanessa that causes this drama, isn’t it?
“Yes. He likes Vanessa [Michelle Hardwick], but they hit a rocky patch because he moves in without talking about it and it annoys her so she dumps him.”

“Kirin’s gutted. When you’re 17, a relationship break-up feels really intense. He doesn’t want to wake up in the morning.”

Then Vanessa changes her mind…
“Yes, when Kirin’s at a party. He’s been drinking and Vanessa suggests that he drives over. She doesn’t realise he’s over the limit and he doesn’t care because he’s going to see Vanessa.”

But he has the accident…
“Kirin’s mum died in a car accident, so when it happens, the first thing he does is try to convince himself that he didn’t hit anything. That would be too much for him to handle. The next day, he tries to go over what happened, but can’t admit to himself that he might hurt someone.”

He tells Rakesh (Pasha Bocarie), though, doesn’t he?
“Yes. Kirin’s heard that Moira [Natalie J Robb] has been involved in a traffic accident and thinks it might have been him. Rakesh is disappointed – and he can’t believe that Kirin has taken his car to Debbie’s garage to be fixed. ”

And how does Cain (Jeff Hordley) get on to Kirin?
“Cain figures out that it was Kirin who hit Moira and he’s on the warpath. Kirin is scared.”

Does Cain call the cops?
“Before he does anything, Cain wants to see if Rakesh will represent Charity [Emma Atkins] as she is in trouble.”

Where does Kirin go from here?
“He has a lot of bridges to build and apologies to make. What he’s done will never leave him because of what happened to his mum. Things are going to be a bit awkward at the breakfast table between Kirin and Rakesh for a while. But a big event like this might make his relationship with Vanessa stronger.”

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