Emmerdale star Jeff Hordley: Cain Dingle turns nasty… with his own son!

Everything is getting on top of Cain Dingle and he takes it out on his little lad Kyle, and Chrissie White, Jeff Hordley tells Soaplife…

Everything is getting on top of Cain Dingle and he takes it out on his little lad Kyle, and Chrissie White, Emmerdale star Jeff Hordley tells Soaplife…

How is Cain coping with looking after Kyle?
“Everything is getting on top of Cain. He is not doing a good job of looking after Kyle and won’t let Kyle’s granny Kerry help because she keeps mucking up. He’s kind of at war with her at the moment and doesn’t want her anywhere near the lad.”

Is Kyle all right with being looked after by Cain?
“Kyle is down in the dumps because he saw Cain hit Dan Spencer. He comes home from school and Zak and Lisa think he’s not feeling well, but Cain knows it is because of what he saw the day before.”

Then he terrifies Kyle…
“He is trying to put Kyle’s shoes on and the lad is being a bit off with him and throwing things about. He raises his hand to Kyle and then glances at a picture of Shadrach, which makes him realise that history is repeating itself.”

Does he tell anyone how he is feeling?
“Yes, he confides in Moira and explains to her that he is a terrible dad. He explains how Kyle saw him beat up Dan and confesses that he raised a hand to his own son. He says ‘I just don’t need to be with him, he needs to be with somebody else.’”

Is he saying he can’t look after Kyle any more?
“Yes, he thinks the lad would be better off with Lisa, Zak or even Kerry. There is so much going on for Cain at the moment. He still cares about Moira, and Chrissie is trying to ruin things for him at the garage and it’s really winding him up.”

Does he give Chrissie what for?
“Yes, he loses his temper, pushes her against a wall and says ‘I want you out of this garage. Give me your share or else your son is going to get it.’  Then he goes to the prison and puts the frighteners on Lachlan.”

What is Cain going to do about Moira?
“He was really gutted when she said that their romp at Christmas was just a one-night stand. He was thinking that in the long term, things might iron out, but he is starting to think that maybe they won’t.”


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