Emmerdale‘s Emma Atkins reveals love turns to hate when Cain goes too far to win back Charity…

Is Charity with Jai just to get revenge on Cain for sleeping with Faye?
“There is an element of revenge but she is attracted to Jai. It’s not the crazy and destructive kind of passion she had with Cain but she’s had enough of that.”

How does she react when Jai reveals Cain’s told him she was once a prostitute?
“She’s really angry. She doesn’t try to deny it though and Jai isn’t judgemental. He still wants to be with her and she takes great pleasure in telling Cain his scheme has come to nothing.”

But Cain’s still not giving up and targets Nikhil next… Is he violent?
“He tells Nikhil he needs to sort Jai and leaves him tied up in a bin for the night. Jai’s furious but he scores an own goal when he confronts Cain… He offers him cash to stay away from Charity and Cain says he’d never sell anyone he loves. Charity lays into Jai when she finds out and tells him she can’t be bought and sold.”

So why on earth does Jai then go out and buy her a dress?
“That’s what she initially thinks. But he makes it clear he’s treating her because she deserves something special and announces he’s taking her for a posh dinner.”

How does she feel when she gets another new dress and another invitation to a hotel?
“Thrilled. She thinks it’s from Jai again but it isn’t. She walks into the hotel room – and Cain’s waiting for her.”

Does she walk straight out?
“She tries to but Cain grabs her and tells her she’s staying put while she hears him out. She swallows her fears and agrees to listen. Cain says she’s made her point but now it’s time to come home.”

Is she tempted?
“She admits they had good times but that’s all over. She’s with Jai now. It’s not just a tit-for-tat fling. Cain goes ballistic. He pushes her onto the bed and holds a pillow over her face.”

Would he really ever hurt her?
“They’re both devastated by how toxic their relationship now is. They start having a go at each other – he mocks her for having been a prostitute while she tells him how he’s abused her over the years. It’s really ugly.”

Could there be any way back for Charity and Cain after this?
“She may not have the fierce passion with Jai that she had with Cain but where did that get her? Charity wants success – and Jai’s the man to help her achieve it. Her relationship with Cain is in the past. But she’s said that before…”